Booking Conditions

Cancellation policies


About Rio is a portal that offers a wide range of services, tours, excursions and tickets, through the site

All services reserved with the About Rio will follow the following cancellation policy:

  • Any variations of these terms and conditions are void and invalid, unless duly authorised in writing by About Rio.
  • In all procedures, the user who performs the booking is responsible for accepting these terms on behalf of the persons mentioned on the reservation.
  • When the tour is canceled by the supplier:
    • Offering credit to the user in the same amount paid in advance for this, in the form of participation in another tour program;
    • Another deal with the customer which provides for the return of the importance within 30 (thirty) days from the date of the cancellation in the payment amount and in the same way as the payment has been effected.
    • On rainy days, cold or other climatic adversities and attractive in operation, the reservation may be cancelled only with permission of the vendor itself. In this case, all cancellation policy is the responsibility of the attractive, may transfer the data (in high season times the likelihood of vacancies is remote) or the refund of the amount paid by the customer.
  • When the cancellation takes place on the part of the customer, as provides the consumer defense code, in cases of purchases made over the internet companies need to ensure the consumer right of withdrawal of the purchase, at least 07 (seven) days from the date of the purchase offer. The same should formalize the cancellation in writing and send to About Rio ( Not being respected such term will result in the retention of full value.
  • The non-attendance or tardiness of the user without prior notice on the date and time specified for the output (‘no show ‘) will result in the retention of the amount paid.
  • The user is fully responsible for late payment, payment on the wrong Bank, credit card or debit card, credit card or debit card invalid or insufficient funds and will not be refunded to any value (non-refundable) already paid unless by agreement of the middle of the tab or if you are expressed in the cancellation policy.
  • The portal About Rio may have access to links to external sites whose content and privacy policies and are not our responsibility. Therefore, we recommend that, to be redirected to external sites, users always refer to their respective privacy policies and cancellation before you provide your data or information and to effect the purchase.
  • About Rio reserves the right to change your cancellation policy at any time in order to your constant improvement and enhancement. All changes are properly informed on our page. Therefore, when using our services, you agree and accept the terms of the cancellation policy in effect on the date and should therefore check it each time you visit previously this Portal. The user can determine when this policy came into effect, revising the “last updated” legend at the bottom of this page.


LAST UPDATE: 05/09/2017