Restaurantes com vista no Rio | Os Top 10

Restaurants with a view in Rio | The Top 10

Since this weekend starts daylight saving time, how about the opportunity to go to some bars and restaurants with a view to enjoy during the meal?!

Tips and/or suggestions of good bars and restaurants with a view in Rio? Share it with us! 🙂

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Restaurante Albamar (Foto divulgação) - Restaurantes com vista
Albamar Restaurant (Foto divulgação)

The historical building located in the Praça XV guard what’s left of the old market Hall.

This rounded Hall revealed himself, Bay Harbor’s ships, the ferries and the Villa on the island.

The menu, prepared by Luiz Incao, Executive ex-chef of the Copacabana Palace and one of the owners of the Albamar.

Among the main courses, the highlights are the crab boil to the pesto sauce garnished with Broccoli Rice and shrimp in Champagne sauce with Green Apple risotto and pinhole.

WHERE? Praça Marechal Âncora, 186, Centro

Contact: 2240-8378 |


Aprazível (Foto divulgação) - Restaurantes com vista
Aprazível (Foto divulgação)

Located at the top of Santa Teresa, has a visual spectacular from the Center and Guanabara Bay. Talking about restaurants with a view and not to mention that it’s almost impossible.

The client’s attention, however, is divided between the panoramic views and the Brazilian dishes created by chef Ana Castillo. The menu is the chicken, accompanied by sautéed Kale, linguica, mining poached bean and banana baked Earth.

WHERE? Rua Aprazível, 62, Santa Teresa

Contact: 2508-9174 and 2507-7334 |

Azul Marinho

Azul Marinho (Foto divulgação) - Restaurantes com vista
Azul Marinho (Foto divulgação)

Located in Ipanema, in Arpoador Inn hotel, serves a delicious buffet with the stunning view of Ipanema, Leblon, Arpoador and Pedra da Gávea.

The specialty is seafood, which arrive at the table in options like the crab cakes or the ‘canjiquinha’ average shrimps. The crayfish is also filling in the oven pastel.

Where? R. Francisco Otaviano, 177 – Ipanema (Hotel Arpoador Inn)

Contact: 2513-4014 |


Bira (Foto divulgação) - Restaurantes com vista
Bira (Foto divulgação)

One of the most beautiful regions of the city, the restaurant looks at the preserved landscape of Restinga de Marambaia. Fisherman’s dish suggestions Bira Leal, owner of the establishment and son of a Cook Aunt Palmira, owner of another famous restaurant of the region include the seafood Vinaigrette and the cold Crab Salad with herbs, tomatoes and onions.

WHERE? Estrada da Vendinha, 68 A, Barra de Guaratiba

Contact: 2410-8304 |

Confeitaria Colombo

Café do Forte (foto divulgação) - Restaurantes com vista
Confeitaria Colombo (foto divulgação)

The branch in Copacabana Fort delights residents and tourists from all over the world. From there, enjoy the candy that made the fame of Columbus facing the blue sea and the sugar loaf. The House organizes two rows for those wishing to eat there: one for the tables and one for the internal Hall. As inside the restaurant it is not possible to see the beach, ask for a seat outside.

Among the delights, candies of Portuguese origin, such as pastel de belém. In the list of sandwiches, the Sandoval, made with bread, smoked turkey breast, grilled pineapple, cream cheese and lettuce. To drink the beers Bohemia, Cerpa and Lecherous Blonde.

WHERE? Praça Coronel Eugênio Franco, 1 (Copacabana Fort)

Contact: 3201-4049 |

Cota 200 Restaurant at Morro da Urca

Cota 200 - Morro da Urca (Foto divulgação)
Cota 200 – Morro da Urca (Foto divulgação)

About 200 meters from the sea level, on the Morro da Urca, incomparable 200 QUOTA restaurant offers an exuberant experience in every way, starting by means of access: the cable car.

A restaurant that turns according to the time of day, whether for lunch, happy hour or dinner. Brazilian cuisine is elevated to a new level with surprising flavours and ingredients in a special environment that welcomes all and reveals the true elegance of the way to be.

WHERE? Av. Pasteur, 520 – Urca | Morro da Urca

Contact: 55 21 2543-8200

El palomar

Restaurante El Pallomar (Foto divulgação) - Restaurantes com vista
Restaurante El Pallomar (Foto divulgação)

Hidden in the back of a shoppping, El Pallomar is dedicated to the cooking Tex-Mex (Mexican American influences). Restaurant with views of Marapendi lagoon and green of Tijuca forest.

Among the suggestions of the House, are the El Pallomar mix, which includes small portions of the most traditional typical entries (salsa, chili and cheese nachos), accompanied by crispy tortillas. Fajitas chicken tastes, filet-mignon and seafood serve two people and continue to be one of the rent-heads. To drink, one of the requested is the small jar of frozen margarita, lemon, strawberry or mango.

WHERE? Avenida Armando Lombardi, 350 – Shopping Barra Point, Barra da Tijuca

Contato: (21) 2494-6218


Hansl (Foto divulgação) - Restaurantes com vista
Hansl (Foto divulgação)

Aqui, a vista panorâmica para o Joá atrai casais interessados no clima romântico e na culinária austríaca. São mais de dez sabores de fondue, entre eles o de frango ou salsichas alemães com batata rosti , os de queijo, filé-mignon ou picanha.

ONDE? Rua Professor Júlio Lohman, 132

Contacto: 55 21 2493-0279


Lorenzo Bistro (Foto divulgação) - Restaurantes com vista
Lorenzo Bistro (Foto divulgação)

The bistro of the Botanical Garden’s terrace overlooking the Christ Redeemer. At night, the atmosphere is illuminated by candles and gets even more charming. The menu has French and Italian inspired. Good choice, the roast beef of calf comes to tuna sauce, capers, lemon and Parmesan. For dessert, super creamy Nutella ice cream.

WHERE? Rua Visconde de Carandaí, 2, Jardim Botânico |

Contact: 2294-7830

Bar dos Descasados

Bar dos Descasados (Foto divulgação) - Restaurantes com vista
Bar dos Descasados (Foto divulgação)

Despite the name (which are mismatched Bar), this restaurant, located at the top of Santa Teresa, is one of the best destinations for those seeking restaurants with a view, not to mention the super cozy environment. The cozy local architecture and the ability to watch a beautiful sunset are some of the main attractions.

WHEREHotel Santa Teresa, Rua Almirante Alexandrino, 660 – Santa Teresa

Contact: (21) 2222-2755


Tips and/or suggestions of good bars and restaurants with a view in Rio?

Share it with us! 🙂